Patrick Carvey

Patrick Carvey


Areas of Expertise

Audit & Assurance

Patrick began his career in 2005 working on financial statement audits at KPMG in Dallas. Prior to working for Holtzman Partners, Patrick also worked as an auditor at BKD in Waco and as a retirement plan consultant for a third-party administrator of employee benefit plans. Patrick has a knack for analyzing large amounts of data and presenting concise, formula-driven tables and graphs. His proficiency with data and spreadsheets becomes quite useful with his diverse client projects. He enjoys helping his clients identify best practices and providing them with technical accounting guidance. Originally from the East Coast, Patrick grew up just outside of Boston. He and his family moved to Plano, Texas, when he was in high school, and he’s been a Texan ever since.

QA With Patrick

What do you enjoy outside of the office?
I enjoy woodworking and working on projects around the house.

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?
At home with my wife, son and two daughters