Holtzman Partners Supports SKU 6 First Look Forum

Firm News | May 16, 2018 | Holtzman Partners

Partners Gretchen Leifeste and Luke Childress, and senior managerĀ Sara Wheeler, represented Holtzman Partners at the SKU 6 First Look Forum. This event offered the audience an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the seven CPG startups that have been working their way through the accelerator’s consumer packaged goods programming.

SKU 6 First Look Forum

L-R: Gretchen Leifeste (partner), Sara Wheeler (senior manager), Luke Childress (partner) at the SKU 6 First Look Forum

Congratulations and good luck to the SKU 6 companies as they continue to work towards Showcase Day in June where they will get the chance to pitch to investors and the public. The SKU 6 class of startups include: Chinook Seedery, Guiltless Goodies, Hazienda, Meridian Hive, Mosie, Pure Spoon and Sway Water.

SKU was formed in 2011 and has since graduated over 20 companies that generated more than $110 million in revenue in 2016. The accelerator’s mission is to support and accelerate startups in the consumer packaged goods industry by providing them with great mentors, investors and industry experts.

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