Since information technology (IT) systems proliferate throughout an organization and can therefore impact almost all areas of a company’s business, evaluations of IT control structure can have a profound impact on a company’s overall control environment.

Our firm has the experience to perform these evaluations and add value to help strengthen that control environment.

Our IT Risk services allow our clients to:

  • Utilize personnel with significant technical IT and audit experience across various industries.
  • Benchmark IT control procedures against other companies in similar industries.

Our firm maintains a talented group of IT professionals with a combination of technical and audit experience which rivals that of large international accounting and consulting firms. This experience includes performing reviews and evaluations of the following:

  • User access to and roles within IT systems
  • Logical security around a company’s IT environment
  • Changes to systems and applications
  • Backup of applications and data files
  • IT controls upon the implementation of a new IT system
  • Process flows to identify efficiencies and reduce risk

Contact us for a brief consultation so we can assess your IT risk evaluation & consulting needs and determine how to best add value to your organization.