Companies who work with patient health care information may be required to comply with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

These requirements include maintaining an internal control structure that limits access to sensitive patient health-related information. Also, these requirements are subject to review by regulatory agencies, and companies may face fines for non-compliance.

Our HIPAA compliance services allow companies to voluntarily evaluate the impact of HIPAA requirements before a formal evaluation is required by a regulatory agency. This service allows management to be confident that their control structure is sufficient to address HIPAA requirements thus reducing the exposures that may result from non-compliance with its rules.

Our HIPAA Audit Preparation services include:

  • Performing an evaluation of a company‚Äôs compliance with the requirements of HIPAA as it pertains to patient health care information.
  • Identifying exposures related to HIPAA requirements.
  • Using our experience and review of our client internal controls database, we can provide logical suggestions for addressing exposures.

The extensive experience of our partners and staff personnel with internal control related services uniquely positions our firm to provide these HIPAA audit preparation services. This experience allows us to provide logical solutions to issues encountered and as a result, may reduce the overall compliance effort for our clients.

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