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Holtzman Partners Proudly Supports TreeFolks
October 17, 2019

L-R: Cassie Mongold, Brett Thompson, Kat Peterson, Hannah Franklin, Luke Childress and Abi Shirley at the 2019 TreeFolks RootBall Gala

Holtzman Partners is pleased to support TreeFolks for their 30th anniversary at the annual RootBall Gala held at Barr Mansion. TreeFolks is an Austin-based organization whose mission is to empower Central Texans to build stronger communities through planting and caring for trees. Manager Abi Shirley currently serves on the board as treasurer and will be transitioning to president in November. Manager Brett Thompson is also on the board at TreeFolks and will serve as treasurer beginning in November.

In 2017, Holtzman Partners joined TreeFolks for our annual Volunteer Day to plant over 750 tree saplings along the Williamson Creek. The firm continues to support TreeFolks because we know the value trees bring to our communities and to the planet. We are lucky enough to be surrounded daily by trees at our offices in the Clarksville neighborhood—we even get to enjoy social events in the shade of the expansive canopy of a large Texas pecan that is growing through our patio.

We are also proud of our heritage live oaks, as well as the groves of cedar elms and pecans, and a magnificent Afghan pine. Not only do these trees offer a rich history about the land where we’re located, they are part of the defining features of our properties and are a huge part of the character of our offices—in the same way they are part of the character of Austin—and we are grateful to view their elegance through our windows each day.

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