Ruth Snell

Senior Manager

Areas of Expertise

Audit & Assurance

Ruth is known for being a collaborative team member who excels at developing engagement teams that deliver exceptional client service. It was her experience in industry before grad school that helped her develop an understanding of both sides of an accountant-client relationship. As a member of the audit and advisory teams at Holtzman Partners, Ruth focuses her efforts on financial statement audits, employee benefit plan audits and SOX consulting. Prior to becoming a CPA in the state of Texas in 2008, Ruth worked for a regional firm in Atlanta.

QA With Ruth

What would be impossible for you to give up?
Travel and food and sleep (any more than I already have)

Aside from family, friends, your job … what’s something you love?
I love Scandal. And ice cream.

You studied Spanish. Are you fluent?
I used to be, but I still understand quite a bit and can speak enough to get by when I travel.

Is there a lesson learned from your past that you can still relate to today?
My favorite Spanish class was advanced grammar, which is really not so different from accounting – apply rules to effectively and accurately communicate.