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With a depth of experience in federal, state and international taxation issues, our team of trusted tax advisors assists clients of various industries and sizes in developing an effective and efficient tax strategy.


Compliance and reporting can consume significant resources from your finance department and may not be an effective use of your resources.

Our tax team can assist with the preparation of tax filings across multiple jurisdictions and has experience with the compliance issues faced by a broad range of businesses at every stage of growth including C corporations, S corporations and partnerships.

We can assist in determining where filings are required, and identify planning opportunities that may be available to minimize tax in those jurisdictions. Tax compliance does not exist in a silo. We work with you to understand your business, and allow that to inform the decisions we make during the tax compliance process.

Considering the vastness and complexity of the ever-changing tax laws, many companies seek highly experienced tax professionals to assist with their tax needs. Our specialists provide tax consulting services in a wide range of areas, from the federal and international levels down to state and local concerns (including sales & use tax).

Our tax team focuses on quality service to help you build a solid foundation, develop sustainable tax strategies, and meet your objectives.

International Tax Planning

As companies continue to increase their international presence, it’s essential to understand the impact taxes have on the bottom line. The complex and constantly changing array of U.S. and foreign tax regulations makes it a challenge to ensure an optimal tax strategy.

Holtzman Partners has experience serving the needs of U.S. based companies with foreign operations. Our team meets with management to gain a clear understanding of the issues and areas of tax exposure. We then analyze existing and proposed regulations to identify the best international tax strategy for each segment of the business.

State and Local Tax Planning

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace almost every company conducts business across state lines. Whether you purchase supplies and products from out-of-state vendors or sell your goods and services to customers in other states, there are tax implications that need to be considered. Unfortunately, many companies are often unaware of these tax exposures because they are complex, constantly changing, and vary from state to state. As a result, companies may not be aware of their existing tax obligations. What makes the situation more tenuous is the stepped-up enforcement and increased tax audits by several states due to budget shortfalls.

Holtzman Partners works with companies to identify, address, and manage state and local tax obligations. We work with companies on a number of tax matters including state tax nexus determination, identification of sales & use tax issues, and transactional tax matters. Whether you are expanding and need assistance with proactive state tax planning, or need assistance with a state tax audit defense, our professionals are here to help.

Today’s ever-changing tax environment is increasingly complex, so complying with income tax accounting standards under U.S. GAAP has become increasingly difficult. Our practice area is designed to help you with all facets of tax accounting.

We provide support for quarterly and annual:

Income Tax Provision Calculations

Validating Tax Balance Sheet Accounts

Implementing New Accounting Standards


We are a long-term customer of Holtzman Partners. Their thorough auditors have years of experience in SOC 1 and SOC 2, FFIEC and IT risk assessments. We’ve been able to count on them for multiple on-time audits. Their personnel are professional and friendly, and since the same personnel are assigned each time, they are familiar with our business and the security control implementations. That keeps the audit process crisp and efficient.

- Jeff Jilg, CISO Consultant
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