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Natural Resources
Natural Resources

We have developed a detailed understanding of the unique issues facing companies in the natural resources industry and have experience serving natural resources companies in a variety of industries.

We have worked with natural resources companies who specialize in the following areas:

Iron ore
Other minerals
Pulp & paper
Sand & gravel
Soda ash

We help natural resources companies with the following accounting and advisory services:

Asset recovery & remediation (end of life) considerations
Accounting for critical spares
Defined-benefit pension plans
Expense vs. capitalization considerations
LIFO inventory analysis
Lower of cost or market inventory valuations
Other post-employment benefits (OPEB)
Per-unit Revenue and Cost Considerations

We are a long-term customer of Holtzman Partners. Their thorough auditors have years of experience in SOC 1 and SOC 2, FFIEC and IT risk assessments. We’ve been able to count on them for multiple on-time audits. Their personnel are professional and friendly, and since the same personnel are assigned each time, they are familiar with our business and the security control implementations. That keeps the audit process crisp and efficient.

- Jeff Jilg, CISO Consultant
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