Diversity Spotlight: Alexis Guerrero, Talent Acquisition Recruiter

A key ingredient in building a firm that empowers its people to do their best work is having employees who are committed to diversity and inclusion. Here at Holtzman, we are constantly working to make our firm a place where our employees can have their voices heard, grow their careers, feel that they belong, and make an impact.

In today’s Diversity Spotlight, meet Alexis Guerrero, Holtzman’s Talent Acquisition Recruiter, who is a proud member of our University Scholarship & Mentoring and Minority-Owned Business subcommittees. Alexis took time out of her schedule to let us know why diversity and inclusion are meaningful to her both personally and professionally. Here is what she had to say.

Alexis’ role at Holtzman


I am the Talent Acquisition Recruiter for Holtzman – I handle our firm’s recruitment process from beginning to end for our full-time and internship roles. During my time here, I have had the opportunity to take over HR-related items and help facilitate the coaching & mentoring program as well as the recruiting committee.

My journey at Holtzman began in October of 2019 (five months before COVID-19 madness). HR Director, Mya Kelly, reached out to me about a recruiter position with the firm. I was a new mom of 8-month-old twin boys and wanted to get back to work, but I also recognized that my role as a mother was a priority. The biggest thing I was looking for in a new company was a place that understood that I was more than what I brought to the workplace. Someone who understood that I was more than a recruiter – I am a mom, a wife, and a friend. Every single person I met during my interview process at Holtzman spoke about the value of employees outside of the workplace and I loved it! Holtzman beat out three other offers and I have been here ever since.

What do you love the most about Holtzman’s culture?

By far, what I love most about our firm’s culture is the people. Accounting can be dry (from an outside perspective), but the people of Holtzman are all so incredibly diverse and super hilarious. It is so wild to see how all the different personality types come and work together in the melting pot of Holtzman. What truly sets Holtzman apart is that there is not the “ideal” type of person that our firm caters to. We have people from all types of backgrounds, senses of humor, sarcasm levels, states, etc. who are able to add to our culture and keep it evolving and exciting.

Why are diversity and inclusion important in the workplace?

In my perspective, the most important reason why diversity and inclusion are important in the workspace is that they strengthen the organization as a whole. When you step into a workplace that values you for all that you are, you are happier and this allows you to thrive. And when you are in an environment that is also passionate about making a positive impact, the entire organization will prosper to its fullest potential. Who doesn’t want to work at a place where everyone is authentically themselves, happy, and passionate? It is a win, win.

What do you think of Holtzman’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative?

I think it is wonderful. From an insider perspective, I appreciate that Holtzman has not just put out a diversity statement, but has feet on the ground working together towards achieving our goals. Everyone on each of the Diversity Initiative committees is excited, passionate, and dedicated to ensuring that Holtzman carries out the goals and promises of our initiative. It is an incredibly rewarding experience that we get to be a part of real, tangible change.

What made you join the diversity subcommittees you are a part of?

I am part of the University Scholarship & Mentoring Committee (USMC) as well as the Minority-Owned Business Committee. I joined the USMC because I was a first-generation college student – the first in the family to complete a college education. I remember how difficult that process was for me, especially since I did not have anyone to go to for advice on classes, careers, etc. When I saw that Holtzman was willing to put together a program that offered that resource to students, I was all in! It is such an incredible initiative, and I am excited to be a part of building out a valuable experience for our future mentees.


What about those groups are important to you?

I joined the Minority-Owned Business Committee because I grew up around entrepreneurs. My mom used to sell purses out of the back of her car when we were little – her own little business if you will. I have seen firsthand the sweat and tears that go into bringing your ideas to life and wanted to be a part of a committee that could help support that process for those in our community. Also, it is a great way to learn about local businesses that I can start shopping at and supporting.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career?

The most valuable lesson I have learned in my career thus far is to leverage the people around you and learn as much as possible. For example, I have learned so many accounting-related things from Luke Childress when we run through resumes together. I have gained insight (at a very surface level) into what SOC reports are from Mike Sobczyk. I cannot even begin to tell you how strong I have become in my HR skillset – entirely because of our HR Director, Mya Kelly. Lastly, Cathy Wilson consistently gives me such great insight into all the “must-go-to” places in Austin.

What advice would you give your younger self when entering the workforce?

My words of advice would be to have an abundance mentality. When you approach all situations from a perspective of abundance, your life and outcomes will be abundant. And yes, I can heavily attribute this practice of mine to our hiring success at Holtzman.

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