My Summer Internship at Holtzman

My name is Evelyn Martinez. I am a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Business Management. This summer, I was offered an opportunity back home, in Austin, TX at Holtzman Partners as a Future Focus Intern. Here is some insight into my internship experience and the skills I learned along the way.

How it Began

My nine-week summer internship experience at Holtzman has been one I am extremely grateful for. As a student majoring in business management, with a passion for collegiate resources and social responsibility, interning at the firm has provided me with a people-first mindset and useful skills I will be needing in the future.

It is no joke, starting afresh is a nerve-racking thing to do. Thanks to the seamless onboarding experience and great communication from my coach, Alexis, we were able to come up with a game plan for a hybrid internship. My Outlook calendar laid out:

  • Monday – Tax Engagement Day
  • Tuesday – Thursday for Marketing Projects
  • Friday – “Catch-All Day”
  • Daily administrative time set aside for every day

The first two weeks were full of virtual training sessions to help prepare me for these specific days, as well as Zoom lunches with different teams, interns, and new employees.

Projects I Worked On


At the beginning of my experience, I focused on updating Tax Engagement Letters to Holtzman’s new branding. I learned the financial documents different entities must go through and I got an idea of the pricing and language needed to prepare financial documents. I was also able to help with some administrative duties within our internal tracking system, which helped me to learn about the different services Holtzman offers and the ins and outs of Practice Engine.

As prepared as I was in other departments, it was a bit challenging getting ahold of creative projects. This made sense as both the Marketing Team and I needed to gauge the level of my marketing knowledge and what would be the ideal way to approach new tools. Holly and Rebeca (the amazing marketing team!) took this into consideration and allowed me to craft my own learning experience by having me point out skills I wanted to develop and things I wanted to learn. My list ranged from diversity in a workplace to the technicalities of website building and social outreach.

If I could offer a piece of advice at this point of my internship journey, it is to communicate! My coach met with me daily for the first two weeks and then kept a weekly meeting on our calendars to chat, ask for help, or help me with my LinkedIn account. (If you’re wondering, my connections went from about 20 to over 250!) On the marketing side, we kept a check-in every two weeks apart from coming together regularly to discuss specific projects. All of these meetings were crucial to my success at Holtzman, and I feel more confident about how to vocalize my needs as I explore future opportunities.

The rest of my internship consisted of creating graphic designs in Canva for Holtzman’s social media, helping with on-page SEO optimization, coordinating diversity spotlight stories, contacting different organizations to help promote our pro-bono grants, and in general creative liberty. I learned how to manage the backend of WordPress and developed my writing skills through internal and external emails, as well as developing blog posts. From this experience, I can confidently adopt my nickname of ‘Canva wizard’ and I am so proud I was able to help Holtzman continue their marketing journey!

Closing Thoughts

While I don’t intend to be an accountant, being at a full-service accounting firm has helped me identify the needs of a growing business and the many services a start-up might need. It has also helped me identify the importance of culture and communication in the workplace. COVID-19 has been a challenge for us all, but Holtzman has done a great job listening to its employees while ensuring safety and efficiency. Working remotely hasn’t made me doubt that Holtzman is a firm that puts its people first — employees and clients–which is what I will be looking for in my future endeavors.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team and to grow my marketing skills this summer.

My advice to aspiring interns: Don’t be afraid to ask for help or explore new opportunities. Holtzman ensured (and succeeded!) that my summer internship would be of value, and I feel more prepared going into my second fall semester and exploring professional opportunities in the future.

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