Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We are living through one of the toughest periods in our country’s history. As we continue to weather a deadly pandemic and its resulting economic fallout, we are now coming face-to-face with the long-term effects of racial injustice. For the past two weeks, tens of thousands have taken to the streets to speak out against inequality and inhumanity. While inspiring for the commitment and determination it represents, it is equally as heartbreaking that such a profound need still exists in the year 2020.

So, where do we go from here? Words and feelings matter, but they are not enough; action is required. Each of us has the obligation and ability to advance a long-overdue change to address these inequalities in our society.

To that end, we enhanced our diversity campaign to include financial commitments to HBCU’s and minority-owned businesses, future partnerships with NABA & ALPFA, and revised time-off policies to include allowances for activism, voting in all local, state, and federal elections, and celebrating MLK day. These changes signify our commitment to promote actionable change that will have a lasting and meaningful impact.

We stand united against racism, inequality, and discrimination. Be well and stay safe. #HoltzmanUnited

Want to learn more? Here are some resources about our Diversity & Inclusion Initiative:

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