Touring Austin Breweries

Firm News | June 12, 2017 | Holtzman Partners

On Friday we celebrated the end of busy season and the beginning of summer by hopping on the bus and touring three local breweries: Lazarus, LiveOak, and St. Elmo’s. For many of us, it was the first time at these establishments, but they¬†definitely won us over and gained some repeat-customers!

HP at Lazarus

L-R: Kaela Thomas, Kat Peterson, Michael Craighill, Jonn Gagnon, Chris Steele, Patrick Carvey, Brian McBride, Jon Meredith, Mike Sobczyk at Lazarus Brewing Company

The beer was fantastic and the food was delicious. Each brewery was unique in both the beer they served as well as the location and style of the brewery and it was a treat to try out each one. We had a blast on the buses as well, competing against each other during two tough trivia rounds.

L-R at table: Chris Steele, Santa Mondragon, Kaela Thomas, Gretchen Leifeste, Liz Hughes, Hannah Franklin, Nicholas Lipscomb, Jillian Bergman, and Sara Pederson at Live Oak Brewing Company

The day was also a great time to re-connected with fellow colleagues and meet our new-hires all while exploring the great city of Austin and trying out three top breweries!

Holtzman Partners Brewery Tour

The Holtzman Partners team at Live Oak Brewing Company

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