The prospect of a merger or acquisition is often an exciting time for the companies involved. The opportunity to capture additional market share, penetrate new niches, expand existing service lines and increase the company’s overall efficiencies is very alluring.

While these are important reasons for targeting a merger/acquisition, there are a number of operational, tax and structural issues that need to be considered before the transaction is executed.

Holtzman Partner’s mergers & acquisition services assists both the buyer and sell-side companies. We help with the financial aspects of these transactions. Our services include:

  • Choice of Entity Selection
  • Due Diligence
    • Quality of Earnings
    • Contract Review
    • Sell Side Preparation
  • Exit Strategy Analysis
  • Stock vs. Asset Sales
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Transaction Tax Structure Planning

Our team has deep experience in buy-side due diligence, particularly in assisting in the assessment of quality of earnings. We can also help with tax issues, including tax structure of the new entity, tax attribute carryover, target’s legal status (S-Corp, LLC, Partnership, etc.), purchase price allocation, state, local and other tax liabilities, and post transaction filing requirements.

We work with companies in assessing, analyzing and structuring potential merger and acquisition opportunities, and can assist with structuring, financing or post transaction integration.

Contact us for a brief consultation, so we can assess your M&A due diligence needs and determine how we can help.