Abi Shirley
Audit Manager
Abi Shirley

Abi excels at working collaboratively with her clients to create effective and long-lasting solutions. She shares her clients’ visions and goals and works hard to help them achieve every goal. She is known for her genuine love of people and her persistent positive attitude.

As a member of the audit team, Abi specializes in audits of financial statements and employee benefit plans, as well as providing consulting services to privately owned businesses in industries such as software and technology, healthcare, real estate, retail and nonprofit. Her primary areas of focus include revenue recognition, inventory valuation and stock-based compensation.

Prior to joining Holtzman Partners in 2014, Abi worked as a financial manager at It’s Time Texas, an Austin-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to build healthier communities. Abi earned a master’s degree in accounting and a B.A. in photography from St. Edward’s University. She became a CPA in 2016 and is licensed in the state of Texas.

Abi is passionate about environmental protection issues and is committed to serving the nonprofit community in Austin both through professional services and volunteer activities. She serves as Board Treasurer for TreeFolks, an organization with the mission to empower Central Texans to build stronger communities through planting and caring for trees.

When she is not at work, Abi loves to design and build habitats for honey bees, butterflies, birds, lizards, snakes and toads and then sit back and enjoy watching them sip and slither in the bountiful and protective spaces she has created. She shares her love of native habitats with her husband and two sons and romps in wild places with them at every available opportunity.

Q&A With Abi

When I retire… I will start eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Theoretically.

What can’t you stop talking about?
How thankful I am

What’s something you know a lot about?
I know a lot about lighting. After having spent seven years as a professional photographer and being married to a lighting designer, you can come to me with any questions about light and I can help.

What would be impossible for you to give up?
Cats. I will always have a lot of cats. Currently I only have three, which exemplifies my extraordinary self-control.

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