Balance your life, keep challenging yourself.

At Holtzman Partners, you’ll enrich your experience, your career value and your professional reputation. If you’re experienced in one of the following service areas, then we’re very interested in talking with you.

Audit & Advisory

Holtzman Partners is one of the most trusted and respected professional services firms in central Texas. As an audit and advisory professional here, you’ll have access to the latest accounting and auditing information, follow our audit methodology and use cutting-edge audit support tools.


Complex tax decisions that our entrepreneurial and multinational clients make have a profound impact on their business. As an experienced tax professional, you will get into our tax department on the ground floor and be a part of our team’s growth. In the ever-changing regulatory and legislative regimes around the world, our role as a trusted advisor is as important as ever.

By continuing to understand these rapid developments, we provide insight, advice and guidance to our clients to help them navigate complex tax situations. If you have the intellect, great technical skills and excellent client relationship focus, you could be part of our tax practice.

IT Risk & Compliance

As an information technology application risk and controls team member, you’ll focus on enterprise IT application assessment, governance, risk and compliance technology assessment, IT application and tool implementation. You’ll deliver valuable insights to clients and enable them to make better business decisions through improved quality of information.

Internal Controls

As a part of our internal controls team, you’ll help clients address compliance, financial, operational and strategic risk. Our team performs diagnostic assessments for internal audit (both general risk controls and enterprise risk assessments), Sarbanes-Oxley driven internal controls projects and other tailored risk services projects. Our goal is to improve governance, risk management and compliance functions via design of a future state, leveraging our deep experience and tools.

If any of these service areas interest you, check out our job opportunities for available positions on our team.