2015 Business Tax Legislation Highlights

Tax | January 29, 2016 | Bob Ferman

Legislative changes during 2015 covered a broad range of issues, culminating with the highly anticipated “tax extenders” legislation that passed in December. The “tax extenders” legislation, extends many of the familiar business incentives we’ve come to rely on – some only temporarily and some permanently.

Holtzman Partners wants you to be aware of the new tax legislation that will have the most wide-sweeping impact on the businesses community. In our 2015 Business Tax Legislation Highlights, we focus on the following:

  • Year-End Tax Legislation (“Extenders”)
  • 2016 Mileage Rates
  • Revised Repair Regulation Rules – Increased De Minimis Cap
  • Retail/Restaurant Remodel Costs
  • Revised Due Dates for Partnership and C Corporation Returns
  • International Compliance

Our complimentary, four-page tax update document details each of the highlights that may be important to your business, particular industry or entity structure.

Contact us if you have questions about how these law changes may affect your business.