2015 All-Staff Volunteer Day

Firm News | December 1, 2015 | Holtzman Partners

On November 18, 2015, 46 team members from Holtzman Partners joined forces with a group from Mobile Loaves & Fishes for a day of volunteering and camaraderie at Community First! Village in East Austin.

Our firm contributed the funds needed to build an olive grove at the front entrance of the village.  This includes an ADA accessible picnic table, irrigation supplies and the pay of the Community First! resident-contractors who led the management of the onsite project.

Teams worked on various projects – from planting 25 olive trees and painting their wooden markers to laying down weed-blocking fabric to spreading granite rock between the berms that will help ease the flow of rainwater that may wash out the dirt and trees.

To see more pictures from Community First! Village, check out our 2015 Volunteer Day album on Facebook.

2015 Holtzman Partners' Volunteer Day



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